SAMplicity 365

A smarter way to manage your Microsoft 365 estate

Microsoft 365 has become the de-facto standard for office applications. However, most organisations are failing to get the maximum return in investment from the extensive range of apps in the subscriptions.

In tests, it was discovered that many medium to large size organisations could obtain up to a 50% improvement in usage and efficiency of their purchased subscriptions.

Optimisation is the key to effective SaaS management. With SAMplicity 365, you can effectively analyse, automate your capabilities and receive project consulting with a dedicated SAM consultant.

This allows you to enjoy subscription management that delivers optimal returns on your investment!

SAMplicity 365 is the one of the few cloud-based SAM solutions that optimises Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. The service automatically recommends how to reduce IT costs whilst finding the best 365 subscriptions for every user.

Additionally, it enables you to recognise and manage the key factors for cost efficiencies. These factors include lapsed users, unused application allocation, user training on apps, or allocation of the incorrect subscription.

SAMplicity 365 is the quickest and easiest way to keep you optimised with your Microsoft 365 SaaS applications by increasing application usage and calculating savings recommendations. This enables you to recognise and manage the key factors for cost efficiencies and non-usage, encouraging an optimised environment.

Optimise your 365 estate with us and you'll get the following benefits:

Single Dashboard View

Easily digest the most valuable information with clear and concise charts.

Dedicated SAM Consultant

With a combined 50+ years worth experience in our team, you'll be in safe hands.

Easy Setup

Taking just minutes to complete, we've got detailed instructions to guide you all the way.

Complete Licence Overview

Nothing is going to be missed under our watch, all so you can make informed decisions.

Auto Optimisation Recommendations

The SmarterSaaS tool takes away the need to comb through masses of data.

Reharvesting Calculations

Make the most of what the subscriptions you have by identifying the best use for them.

With this service, you can quickly identify:


An unnecessary spend which
could be easily re-harvested.

Incorrectly Aligned Subscribers

Sometimes a different subscription is just more suitable and cost effective.

User Provisions

Why pay double for
exactly the same thing?

Poor Product

You want to get the most
for what you're paying for.

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