About EasySAM

EasySAM is an independent Software Asset Management (SAM) consultancy, an impartial advisory body without any agendas other than providing analysis and advice around the software you purchase and deploy. EasySAM helps organizations correct any potential overspend on software and make sure that any risks are proactively identified and addressed. Software is an asset that is easily overlooked, often not being reharvested or used to its full capacity. As it makes up a large portion of any IT budget this is an area where you can see quick returns if managed correctly.

EasySAM can tailor a package around varied needs – from ad-hoc consultancy and training, to baseline reports, to a full managed service. Whether this be for your full estate or just a review of your server or desktop environments, EasySAM support a vast array of vendors and are pleased to report that we are one of Microsoft’s Gold Certified SAM Partners. With a combined audit & compliance experience in excess of 40 years, the EasySAM team has successfully delivered over 300 customer audits, currently manage software compliance for 42 customers and have provided measured cost savings exceeding £11m to our customers. We ideally would like to see you spending less time ‘number-crunching’ and more time making money saving decisions and doing strategic planning with the management data we provide.



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