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Xensam’s company values

Our promise to you, our current or future customers, is the following:

We always put our customers first. We have a special group that works on implementing customer-requested product feature requests as soon as possible. If you have feature request, you can simply send an email to feature@xensam.com and describe your wish, and it will be swiftly considered for development.

We focus on integrity. All customer data will always be transferred fully encrypted with bank level standards, anonymous and fully compliant with EU laws. The customer data will never be shared with third parties and the only data that will leave the customers dedicated server, is anonymous software data for our Xource team to be able to create recognition patterns.

We will always give honest customer advice. The high variance of software and its completely diverse license forms, in combination with every organisation's unique infrastructure, makes each company’s needs different and all SAM-tools have unique fingerprints. Whilst Xensam fits 95% of customer environments, there are some cases where you are better off with one of our competitors. It is Xensam policy to openly suggest alternative products, should your environment present deployments and/or scenarios that are beyond Xensam’s current capabilities. Please email info@xensam.com for a free SAM-tool evaluation and suitability test. We will, free of charge, provide you with a summarized report why you should choose our tool, or whether an alternative product would be more appropriate.

We will ease your journey to Xensam. As an indication of the confidence we have in our products, we’re currently offering a free of charge swap-out of our main two competitors’ products (Flexera and Snow Software), The trade-in will be on a "one to one" license count basis and all we ask is that we receive the annual maintenance and Xource subscription*, when it is due.

Join the SAM revolution with us. Regardless of your size, great SAM starts with Xensam.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Our story so far…

It all started with some of the key players from the SAM world that left their old companies with a vision to create Xensam.

Our goal was clear. We wanted to create a cutting-edge, industry respected SAM-tool that would bring several key ingredients to the SAM market:

1) Customer focus
2) Industry leading technology
3) High level of Automation with the help of A.I
4) Very easy to use

Our group was disappointed with SAM tools that took a month to deploy and even longer to learn. We became disenchanted with SAM tool vendors that required customers to purchase additional features and agents for technology that should be included in the price, resulting in spiralling maintenance & support costs. We were frustrated when customers gave advice or product development ideas, which were never listened to. And so, in 2016, after years of intense product development and significant investment, Xensam was born.


Xensam is headquartered in Malta, which is where we initiate first, second and third line technical support. The all-important product development team is located in USA, India, Ukraine and Russia to optimize costs and ensure quality. It will continue growing to ensure Xensam software is at the forefront of technological advancements in the ever-changing world of SAM solutions, which will continue to benefit our demanding customers.

Xensam has experienced considerable success in 2016 and 2017. As a consequence, and to ensure a better experience for our partners and our customers, 2018 expansion plans include regional representation in Sweden, Norway, Australia, United Kingdom and the Americas. Please contact us for a full list of planned office locations in the future.


The future

Xensam has grown rapidly over the last few years, which is a testament to our relentless pursuit of true IT Asset Management innovation and the work of our tireless teammates and partners.

There are many reasons that our customers consider Xensam to be the most pioneering Software Asset Management company. These include a level of empowerment during the Covid-19 crisis that has far surpassed expectations from a SAM system. Here are some highlights:

  • Audit Confidence & Visibility: Xensam now recognises an industry-leading 2 million unique SKUs and is fortified with A.I. powered license intelligence and Product Use Rights. This has provided unparalleled visibility, insights and audit confidence.
  • Cost Reductions: With Active Usage (application interaction duration) coupled with in-built generic prices, Xensam is able to pinpoint software wastage across the business; on-premise, cloud or datacenter. These insights have proven invaluable during Covid-19 conditions.
  • Cloud Architecture: Simple deployment, drastically reduced maintenance, and effortless operation, powers cross-departmental collaboration and seamless management of remote workers - without VPN. A vital feature in the “new normal”.
  • Simple Licensing: All features, all functions, managed hosting, support and even training included in the one annual price.

Xensam will continue innovating as we all deal with the Coronavirus and emerge on the other side. Recent innovation has included:

  • Advanced License Suites: 1,000s of indexed software packages that simplify license allocation
  • Patch Levels for O/S: Operating System patch level and the latest patches available from the manufacturer is now presented.
  • New 3rd Party Connectors: Various connectors to 3rd party data sets such as Salesforce to help with compliance, insights and cost management
  • Oracle DB Enhancements: Oracle Database functionality now allows advanced management of Oracle. This includes scrutinizing Option/Management Packs and platforms.

2021 has a plethora of new Xensam functions arriving – all of which will be included in the standard Xensam license. These include:

  • Further 3rd Party Connectors
  • Continuous Tier 1 Vendor Enhancements
  • Increased Customization of the System
  • Enhanced Use of A.I.
  • Undisclosed Innovations

In essence, Xensam has become the SAM software of choice, for organisations of all sizes, during the pandemic. At a time when business costs are under severe pressure and business leaders have been directed to reduce costs, Software Asset Management programs, underpinned by Xensam, are the perfect vehicles to achieve your budget, visibility, and security goals.

Please reach out to EasySAM to see a demonstration of Xensam innovation and the simplicity it delivers.

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