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Welcome To Next Generation SAM

Software Asset Management (SAM) programs are a critical factor to an organisation’s software environment. A good SAM policy is not only crucial in avoiding software audit costs and identifying unlicensed software, it is also central to driving software license optimization. At the heart of a good SAM program lies SAM software and your choice of SAM software will determine how much supplemental resource will be needed to achieve a good standard of program maturity and what additional ROI your organisation can attain from your investment in SAM.
Xensam software has been intricately designed to surpass current SAM software tools. It does this by offering enhanced enterprise-class technology that easily addresses license compliance, provides numerous license optimization opportunities and massively reduces the effort needed to perform effective software asset management. Creatively devised, Xensam software couples cutting-edge, A.I. supported functionality with an intuitively simple user interface.

Our History

Xensam began development in 2014 by a group of Swedish friends, all of whom were experts in the fields of Software Asset Management and the complex world of software licensing. The group included subject matter experts in various SAM tools and they concluded that there were many restricting factors with current SAM software:
There wasn’t enough automation – too much manual intervention and software licensing knowledge was still required to manage regular software environments
Today’s SAM tools came with a myriad of agents & connectors that brought their own installation, network bandwidth & licensing complexities
If a SAM tool had advanced features, it would also require well-trained, dedicated personnel to fully benefit from its capabilities.
So, in 2016, after continuous development for a period of two years, Xensam was founded with the most intelligent and powerful agent on the market. The accompanying user interface offered simple navigation to incredibly rich, universally useful data.


Xensam is supported by one of the largest development teams in the industry. It is essential that our product continues evolving to meet the demands of our customers, which is resulting in the creation of pioneering new features that encompass Cloud and Security. The Sum Of Powerful Parts The Xensam product family is a series of robust and intelligent components, each of which has a significant role in fortifying our dynamic SAM solution.


The most powerful SAM agent in the industry. Encrypted & lightweight at approximately 12MB & 1% CPU usage, it connects directly to AD, Hyper-V & RDS, as well as providing advanced data that is the foundation for Xensam’s ground-breaking functionality.


Almost 300,000 unique applications, 1.3 Million SKUs recognised and a myriad of Product Use Rights (PUR) built in. Xource empowers Xensam to minimise the effort required to manage software environments and is galvanised by machine learning and A.I.


Whilst we support on-premise deployment, Xensam primarily operates as a SaaS solution. Xupernova infrastructure incorporates a highly encrypted Ubuntu & Postgre SQL combination that is frequently backed up for resilience. Xupernova requires no supporting software (Windows/SQL Server) or substructure, whilst delivering superb performance & security.


The user interface is remarkably intuitive & its logical format allows full mastery of the system within the shortest timeframe. Embracing the greatest degree of automation, reporting & out-of-the-box functionality, Xupervisor promotes trouble-free software & hardware asset management and enabling widespread optimization possibilities.

Xam: AI Personified

Xensam’s software recognition library is one of the biggest in the world spanning almost 300,000 applications and 1.3 million SKUs and we have achieved this landmark within the space of 30 months! Normally, this would be an impossible task but Xensam has a secret weapon: Artificial Intelligence. Meet our resident AI: Xam.
Xam employs sophisticated machine learning to searching, identifying and rationalising applications and then suggests how the product should be licensed and defined in the Xensam Xource library. The suggestion is then manually inspected before it is added to the database. This exponentially reduces the manpower and time needed to outline and categorise applications and endorses our commitment to innovation and front-line technology.

Enterprise-Class Features & Functionality

To effectively minimise the effort needed to manage software landscapes and provide capabilities to drive advanced cost savings, Xensam has engineered its software to embody a plethora of core SAM features that are far more sophisticated than anything on the market. The following list of selected Xensam attributes, is by no means exhaustive.

Powerful Desktop Inventory

Our lightweight, yet powerful agent works dynamically to glean relevant data from your desktops and RDS environments. A connector to the Office 365 portal provides comprehensive information, which is then normalised in the extensive Xource library, leading to comprehensive software recognition & resultant license positions; out-of-the-box!

MSDN & Developer Machines

Xensam has a ground-breaking process of omitting machines from compliance views or marking certain machines that would make them subject to special licensing rules – even targeting explicit applications/vendors for special consideration.

Multifaceted Datacentre Solution

One of the most complex areas of SAM, our state-of-the-art datacentre functionality comprises almost 1,000 rules & scenarios, giving automatic compliance positions for datacentre applications like SQL & Windows server – whether a Hyper-V or Vmware environment. Uniquely, our datacentre engine allocates licenses in the most optimized arrangement and skilfully takes HA, Affinity, DPE etc., as well as minimum core/processor & SA prerequisites into account – all out-of-the-box!

Active Usage

Usage Metrics is a common facility with most SAM software. However, legacy SAM tools define “usage” as an open application – even if it’s idle in the background. Xensam’s advanced technology measures the duration that is spent “active” in the application and can consequently uncover improved optimization opportunities or identify user training needs.

3-D Organisational Structures

Defining your organisation and ensuring correct license issuance is of utmost importance to most organisations. Xensam allows divisional distinction based on organisation, geographical separation, or cost centre. Once defined, licenses can be allocated and compliance can be automatically evaluated as a group or as individual entities.

Essential GDPR Functionality

SAM software is a perfect vehicle to identify applications that contain GDPR risk. Our Xource software recognition team has been relentless in classifying applications that could contain personal information, which now spans 10,000 publishers and 50,000 applications – by far the largest repository on the market. However, Xensam goes a step further by adding whether the publisher has identified itself and its application as GDPR compliant, resulting in highly researched and better prepared GDPR programs.

End Of Life Dates

A major security risk is unsupported software. Xensam provides End Of Life & Extended End Of Life dates for deployed software. These can be used to remove unsecure software or define software migration strategy for current systems.

Blacklisted Software Categories

Some consumer software can be a security hazard, as well as decimate user productivity. Whether it be games, file-sharing software or content streaming software, Xensam can expose it at the click of a button

Unsurpassed Optimization Opportunities

In most organisations, the role of a Software Asset Manager is notably diverse. Not only must a SAM expert ensure sufficient licenses for deployed software, they are often responsible for thankless tasks such as negotiating software contracts, driving interdepartmental technical discussions and supporting GDPR programs. However, license optimization is an area that exhibits tangible value back to the business and something that Xensam, as a SAM solution, does better than any of our competitors. License Re-harvesting is a common method of saving expenditure. However, it is imperative to understand whether the deployed product is being effectively used, or not. Existing SAM software will provide “accessed” software but Xensam will provide exact durations of software usage, allowing real scrutiny. This regularly induces re-evaluation of the license allotted to users with savings of up to 30% per software vendor. For further clarity and data-driven reporting purposes, our Cost Center facility will automatically allocate a currency value to usage duration or surplus licenses, to be used in internal stake-holder discussions and measuring SAM efficiencies. Xensam’s datacentre system enables further efficiencies, as our software automatically assigns licenses optimally – whether from host or VM perspective, for expensive applications such as Windows Server and SQL Server. Our customers have reported immediate returns of more than 20% with greater cost benefits over time. IBM and Oracle will be added to the mix shortly.

Reassuringly Secure

As an enterprise–class solution, Xensam has placed security at the forefront of its priorities. This is reinforced by our secure infrastructure, which consists of “locked down black box” system comprising of highly secure Postgre SQL and Ubuntu, hosted in Microsoft Azure or Upcloud.

Regional Datacentres

Xensam understands that certain organisations require their data to remain in specified regions or in some cases, specific countries depending on regulations and directives. Xensam can maintain data in precise geographies with options in numerous countries worldwide including the UK, Germany, USA, Singapore and Australia.

Single-Tenant VM

Xensam has deliberately decided upon a policy of allocating each customer its own Virtual Machine. It is unfortunate that most major SAM software publishers share virtual machines for multiple customers in a hosted environment, which we believe is a major security risk.

Highest Encryption

Xensam data and systems are encased in the strongest encryption on the market delivering 256-bit encryption on data and 2048-bit encryption at Transport Level. This puts the encryption on the same level as the most secure banks and protected government agencies.

Independent Vulnerability Testing

Xensam has total faith in the stability and security in our solution. To provide an extra layer of confidence, we are facilitating third party Penetration Testing that will rigorously interrogate our software and provide independent certification for your peace of mind. Xensam is fully compliant with all EU regulations including strict adherence to GDPR

Licensing & Ownership

Xensam belongs to an industry that promises to simplify software licensing and predict future expenditure. We believe it would be ludicrous if we became part of the problem. As a result of this conviction, we have made our licensing simplest of all. Xensam is licensed on a subscription basis, on the number of nodes, where a node is a device that an agent is deployed upon. This could be a desktop/laptop, a server, or a VM for example. The price remains the same no matter which type of device the agent is deployed upon. As a measure of understanding with our customers, Xensam has selected a pricing model that is pure simplicity. Whilst our solution’s innovative functionality is industry leading, rather than follow our competitors’ “budget airline” pricing system, i.e. provide basic SAM functionality and then charge high fees for additional features, we provide all our functions, features, connectors and innovations in a single manageable license. Our licensing model is Premium SaaS.

Xensam has been developed with invaluable functionality and although we’ve missed out so many, we hope this illustration provides a useful overview of Xensam software and how it can help inspire better awareness and control over your software environments, as well as deliver unprecedented value back to your business Evidently our software is technologically advanced and uniquely instrumental in so many business areas. However, Xensam as a business, is determined to provide peerless customer experience by listening to you and delivering the highest standard of service. Whilst we predominantly work via channel partners, it is extremely important that we develop direct relationships to ensure satisfaction and collect precious feedback to be used to make our software even more relevant to you. Please reach out to us by emailing  for further information or, to arrange a casual/detailed demonstration.

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