About Snow

What We Do

Snow’s mission is to provide complete insight and manageability across all technology. We offer the platform and support you need to transform your business, from discovering assets to driving action.

Who We Are

Founded in Stockholm in 1997, Snow rapidly evolved into a market leader and the largest dedicated developer of software asset management tools. Today, we offer a comprehensive suite of technology intelligence solutions that cover the cloud, software, hardware and infrastructure to organizations across the globe. Every team member, from leadership to the front lines, is committed to helping our customers not just survive but thrive in an era of digital transformation.

How We Deliver

Customers are the core of our business. Snow was built with ease of use as a top priority, ensuring our technology is simple to implement, easy to run and provides the fastest time to value. We match our technology with a global team of experts and a robust partner network, ranging from strategic consultants to vendor experts to local implementation specialists.