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What kind of return on investment can you expect from a mature Software Asset Management programme?

Gartner estimates that as many as 70 percent of mid-sized businesses and larger enterprises face an external software audit by the end of each calendar year – so your chances of an audit you aren’t prepared for are pretty good. Additionally, studies show that non-compliant companies received average fines of about £30,000 for each piracy instance! Is this something your organisation can afford?

On the other hand, an article published in IT Week claims that every corporation has as much as £390 in unused software on each PC. Re-harvesting this cost for other users would be a nice cost saving on IT spend. Not to mention that a good Software Asset Management Program encourages standardisation and therefore reduces Helpdesk time and costs, with many companies that utilise software asset management solutions citing average reductions in helpdesk call length of as much as 20%.

If you are wondering what an investment in SAM could do for you and your business, fill out a few details below to get ROI calculations for your business case!

Basic Details:

If you do not know the exact numbers for your organisation, worry not - even an estimate will help us in providing rough savings for you.

Your personal computer figure should include laptops; and the only servers we are interested in are ones that are purely on-premises.

Labour Costs:

We use this figure to help calculate the returns an investment into a SAM tool might bring to the business.

According to, a leading provider of compensation management solutions and statistics, the average IT technician makes approximately £25 an hour. Feel free to use this figure if you are unsure.


The average helpdesk will spend a reasonable portion of their tickets dealing with software related support. By helping us understand the number of tickets you receive per user every year, this will help us calculate the likely time to be saved in this department.

If you need help with a figure, it is estimated on average that each user submits 4 requests annually.

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We'll use this info to get in touch once everything is calculated.

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