Most people are familiar with Oracle and their aggressive auditing campaigns. In fact, Gartner reckon that Oracle are the second most likely vendor to audit your environment!

Oracle database licensing also have some strict restrictions around virtualisation that can often be misinterpreted and the variety of different licensing models for their applications is a minefield of historic acquisition conquests. Not to mention Oracle’s acquisition of Java and the fact that this is also now licensable under similarly strict terms with regards to virtualisation.

These are all very good reasons to continually make Oracle SAM (Software Asset Management) a priority with your organisation. EasySAM are here to help and have seen good wins representing customers during audits.

In companies with large, historic Oracle estates, let’s not forget to mention the opportunity for cost-reduction as part of a SAM exercise with EasySAM. As one of the top-priced database software packages around, there are often good returns to be seen by getting a ‘second pair of eyes’ to look over this environment for you.

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