SAM by Vendor

EasySAM cover many different software vendors in their services portfolio, including all (but not limited to) the BSA vendors.

In this section we have zoned in on a few key software vendors to consider when looking into a SAM programme of your own. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are perfectly placed to help you identify your own key priorities, but in the interim, have a look below for some of the manufacturers that should already be on your mind when it comes to important targets.

Adobe is one of the software vendors that is often overlooked with regards to SAM in recent times; this is likely because of the move to Creative Cloud. However, non-compliance risks associated to sharing devices and user accounts still exist.

Autodesk audits are amongst some of the most common. This could be attributed to the fact that Autodesk have some visibility as to the install and usage data for certain products, meaning customers often put them into their ‘Tier 1’ listings for frequent monitoring on a SAM level.

Microsoft remains one of the highest risks in terms of SAM. This is partially because Microsoft have a relatively active auditing team, but also because virtualisation licensing is quite complex and has had some significant changes over the years.

Most people are familiar with Oracle and their aggressive auditing campaigns. In fact, Gartner reckon that Oracle are the second most likely vendor to audit your environment! Their database licensing also has some strict restrictions around virtualisation that can often be misinterpreted.

Although VMWare is really good at knowledge sharing when it comes to their products and their licensing, one cannot forget that there is an ever-increasing repertoire for software offerings with a range of different metrics, that would be best managed independently from each other.

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