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As an IT Manager/Director, we at EasySAM know that you are juggling a lot of balls, all the time. We totally understand that Software Asset Management isn’t at the forefront of your mind and is probably more like a niggling item right down at the bottom of your to-do list. You are doing your best at the moment with the crew and resources you have available and you need everyone getting on with the projects they have now. So why not pass along some of that strain?

Investing in EasySAM services, whether it be ad-hoc or as a full time managed service, will free up your and your IT departments time in terms of gathering and crunching any data. What you will get is a clear analysis of your estate along with optimisation and cost saving suggestions from experience licensing specialists. Leaving you time to act on the data and make important BAU decisions without any of the back-breaking work.

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