Webinar: How to Quickly Discover Areas of IT Overspend and Risk

During uncertain times it can be easy to overlook the software utilised across your organisation, which leaves you with security and non-compliance risks as well a high likelihood of IT overspend.

We have partnered with License Dashboard to provide a free IT health check –  a ‘Check-IT’ promotion, giving you the opportunity to take the first steps to identifying those areas of risk and overspend.

With our combined assistance, we can provide the opportunity to optimise and mitigate areas of your software spend with the following benefits:

  • Protect your organisation against vulnerabilities
  • Help you to plan ahead for major upgrades & contract renewals
  • Reduce IT spend & optimise your current assets
  • Ensure you have full visibility of your IT assets
  • Create a more proactive SAM program with the right processes in place

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