SAMplicity Process

Document your way to a successful SAM programme

Do you find yourself being more reactive than proactive when managing your software assets? Whilst the cause of this is invariably the lack of resources to manage the issue, getting stuck in a loop of periodical reviews without addressing the root causes can prove time consuming and risk-heavy.

Getting a baseline of your compliance and maturity position is something we 100% advise here at EasySAM, but beyond that, we then like to sit down with you and eliminate the cause of any problems you are experiencing.

These can all be performed independently, or as an add-on to any of our other great SAMplicity services. If you’re interested in a high-level review of your existing processes, why not check out our SAMplicity MOT package to highlight the priority areas for focus?

Or if you are looking at a tool review to strengthen your existing SAM processes, why not lean on EasySAM’s wealth of experience on the subject matter at the same time?

We can help review/document a multitude of processes:

Corporate Governance

Joiners, Movers & Leavers

SAM Process Review

Software Catalogue Maintenance

Software Change Management

Software Reharvest

Software Removal

Software Request

Fixing existing issues with actionable processes/procedures means you no longer need to investigate things like:

Devices not being retired correctly from all data sources

Starters and leavers not being managed appropriately

Incorrect deployment of licensable software

Unnecessary repurchases when licences are available

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