SAMplicity Plus

Detailed and scheduled SAM analysis - adapted to you.

Effective Software Asset Management (SAM) usually requires a full time SAM manager, or at the very least, a considerable amount of time from someone else within the IT department. However, if you simply do not have the resource, you may want to consider outsourcing.

The ever-changing world of licensing is a hard subject to stay on top of; and even if you are confident in this area, dedicating endless hours to mundane number crunching isn’t the most productive use of your time.

Outsourcing the ‘number-crunching’ element of SAM allows organisations to just focus on the results, and then capitalise on the information provided by halving the turnaround time on reducing the risks identified and delivering those much needed cost savings.

Data provided during a Plus service with us will also deliver foresight into future software planning needs as well as an advantage when negotiating software agreements with manufacturers.

A SAMplicity Plus managed service can be tailored to best suit your organisation’s needs and budget. This means that the scope can be by department, environment or device class if you need it to be. The reviews can be scheduled as often as you require and there is no fixed term for the service.

You may also ask us to manage as many or as few software vendors during the contract, there are no minimum obligations. Most important of all, as EasySAM do not resell software licenses, you can have peace of mind that we will always act in your best interest.

Throughout the project, you’ll receive the following deliverables:

Estate Review & Gap Analysis

An overview of your data sources, devices and software; plus any identified gaps.

Effective Licence Position (ELP)

A review of the balance between licence entitlement and software deployment.

Second Hand Resale Report

A list of applicable surplus licences and a quote for their potential resale value.

Management Report

The key notes from the review, including recommendations for going forward.

Interactive Power BI Interface

See the results of each review in an easily comprehensible set of charts.

Risk Register

A documented record of all the identified issues within your SAM programme.

Product Metering Review

An analysis of which products are being underutilised and could be re-harvested.

What vendors do we cover?

We cover a whole range of vendors, from the mainstream to the more niche organisations out there.

Some examples of the more popular software vendors that customers choose to focus on are:

What can you expect from the engagement?

on Investment

Of up to 20% of
your software spend.

Negotiating Power

When entering
or renewing agreements.

Less Attractive
for Audits

You'll be lower down the
targeted list for vendors.


For any audits you do find
yourself going through.

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