SAMplicity Cloud Ready

Is your SAM setup ready for the future?

Whether you are considering migrating to the cloud or you have already started that journey but found it more difficult than expected, our Cloud Ready is the service for you.

One of EasySAM’s SAMplicity offerings, this service provides an evaluation of your current on-premises environment and workloads; not only to diagnose their ‘readiness’ to be migrated to the cloud, but to also ensure that the right decisions are made along the way.

Contrary to popular belief, migration to the cloud is not the simple ‘lift and shift’ process that so many people believe it to be. The engagement will therefore not only include an appraisal of your current environment, but also optimisation and recommendations pre-migration.

As with all of our services, this can be added-on to create a bespoke package; tailor-made for your organisation – even down to analysing a subset of your estate if you need a compartmentalised approach.

"It's clear that cloud computing is fundamental to the next wave of digital development."

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