Bigger Brains

Bigger Brains is not the largest supplier of online learning courses – they aren’t even number two. What they are though is one of the best eLearning publishers at creating engaging, convenient and comprehensive online business courses.

They provide choices that make their courses a fit for all staff members – no matter their level of knowledge or proficiency.

With a concentration on providing Microsoft apps training and productivity courses that are available for just-in-time training or conprehensive deep-dives, they are one of the most indispensable course creators in the industry.

Bigger Brains always…

Uses the latest research and techniques to create training that maximises effectiveness and engagement.

Works with top teachers and subject matter experts with real-world experience to create the most realistic and comprehensive training courses possible.

Engages with comedians, storytellers and illustrators to make their training content more enjoyable and engaging.

Develops new technologies to improve the accessibility, convenience and effectiveness of their training.

Partners with top-tier eLearning and training companies and marketplaces that distribute our content and tools.

Provides a work environment that fosters creativity, a balanced life-work environment, and happiness among our staff, talent, and partners.

Keeps our efforts focused on topics and areas that foster better productivity in the workplace and those that companies need to stay competitive in the world.

Just some of their available modules...

Brain Bites: Windows 11 Essentials

Creating Word Templates

Excel in 30 Minutes

Mastering Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Planner Essentials

Microsoft Sway Essentials

OneDrive Essentials

Power BI Essentials

PowerUp PowerPoint

Saving Time in Outlook

Secrets of the Office Guru

SharePoint Online Basics

Award Winning Teaching

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