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Software licensing can be a difficult topic to master. At times it can even be complicated enough to grasp the so-called “basics”. So many vendors: all with their own rules, programmes, metrics and intricacies. And to top it off, the rules seem to change more often than not.

Don’t stress too much though: help is at hand! Alongside the helpful advice and tips we offer in our blog posts and the knowledge base articles we source, we’ve teamed up with some of the forefront experts in licensing and software knowledge so you can teach yourself to be an expert too.

Bigger Brains

Bigger Brains is an online training platform that combines TV-style video production, modern graphics and animation with lessons from top experts.

The result is a “Uniquely Engaging™” teaching style, which uses video, conversation and practical examples to create outcome-oriented lessons which are both effective & enjoyable.

Licensing School

Licensing School provide a new approach to learning and understanding the rules around Microsoft Software Licensing.

Their aim is to surface useful and timely information around software licensing, and to underpin this with relevant and up to date resources.

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