A smarter way to manage your Microsoft 365

How do you optimise your Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft 365 has become the de-facto standard for office applications. However, most organisations are failing to get the maximum return in investment from the extensive range of apps in the subscriptions. In tests, many large and medium size organisations can obtain up to 50% usage and efficiency improvements.

About SAMplicity 365 Managed Service

  • One dashboard view
  • Dedicated SAM Consultant
  • Easy set-up
  • Complete license overview
  • Auto optimisation recommendations
  • Reharvesting calculations

Optimisation is the key to effective SaaS management. With the SAMplicity 365 managed service you can effectively analyse, automate your capabilities and receive project consulting with a dedicated SAM consultant.

SAMplicity 365 managed service allows you to enjoy subscription management that delivers optimal ROI on your investment!

Never have unused subscriptions

Build usage of key apps

Save money

Increase efficiency

A unique service

Microsoft 365 subscriptions are great value if the full power of the applications is used, however in most cases implementation is only partial and the following business issues occur:

  • Partial use of key apps results in lack of productivity
  • Continued usage of legacy apps
  • No closed loop process for joiner and leavers
  • Wasted costs on unused subscriptions
  • Security threats through lack of user visibility
  • Non-compliance with Enterprise License agreements which cause non-budgeted costs



In more detail

SAMplicity 365 is the one of the few cloud-based Software Asset Management solutions that optimises Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. The service automatically recommends how to reduce IT costs whilst finding the best Office 365 subscriptions for every user.

Additionally, SAMplicity 365 enables you to recognise and manage the key factors for cost efficiencies. These factors include lapsed users, unused application allocation, user training on apps, or allocation of the incorrect subscription.

SAMplicity 365 is the quickest and easiest way to keep you optimised with your Microsoft Office 365 SaaS applications by increasing application usage and calculating savings recommendations. SAMplicity 365 enables you to recognise and manage the key factors for cost efficiencies and non-usage, encouraging an optimised environment.

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