Whether you are considering migration to the cloud or you have already started that journey and have encountered some difficulty, this is the service for you. An add-on to EasySAM’s SAMplicity offerings, our Cloud Readiness service provides an evaluation of your current on-premise environment and workloads; not only to diagnose their ‘readiness’ to be migrated to the cloud, but to also ensure that the right decisions are made along the way.

Contrary to popular belief, migration to the cloud is not the simple ‘lift and shift’ process that so many people believe it to be. Your Cloud Readiness assessment will therefore not only include an assessment of your current environment, but also optimisation and recommendations both pre and post migration. As with all of our other services, this add-on can be tailor-made for your organization and can be a subset of your estate if you need a compartmentalised approach.

We will also ensure that the licensing of your new cloud environment is flexible enough for the needs of your business. As with most licensing situations, there are many options for you to choose from, and we'll be there every step of the way to guide you through.


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