Start Taming Your Technology With Snow

Build your service desk solution on a solid foundation of accurate, up-to-date software and hardware information

IT leaders investing in an IT service management (ITSM) solution want to see a significant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT service teams. However, service desks are large, complex platforms, often hamstrung by poor or missing data. The mammoth task of sourcing and collating this data to create the up-to-date asset repository (CMDB), successful ITSM implementations require, is a challenge that many organizations fail to deliver against. It is usually a lower priority than helping the user population and keeping systems online. Sources, including Forbes, suggest that as many as 85% of CMDB implementations fail due to data problems.

ITSM Enhancer can automatically build and maintain the CMDB, providing a single source of trusted asset information to support some of the most critical ITIL and service management processes. With this actionable data at its fingertips, the service desk can do what it does best – deliver IT services.

Snow ITSM Enhancer Highlights


Supercharge the CMDB

Create and maintain an accurate, reliable, up-to-date CMDB, incorporating all IT hardware and software assets in use by the organization.


Decrease resolution times

Accelerate problem resolution times for support desk incidents and requests by providing support personnel with detailed asset intelligence.


Drive digital transformation

Ensure product and service catalogs are kept current and of value by automatically populating with clean, accurate data from the CMDB.

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