Start Taming Your Technology With Snow

Use Adoption Tracker to give you full visibility and control of your IT estate.

Full visibility into technology use across an organization is a major challenge for many IT leaders. With more than 50% of IT spend moving out of the CIO organization and into business units, the result is technology sprawl that’s difficult to identify, monitor and measure. Many organizations end up with multiple tools that attempt to identify technology usage, but these tools are often overlapping, offer inconclusive or limited results and provide a fragmented and isolated view of technology use across a company.

This gap produces a blind spot for IT leaders and creates a lack of IT estate visibility that can significantly impact an IT leader’s ability to serve as a trusted technology influencer and advisor to the business.

Adoption Tracker helps eliminate this blind spot by providing complete visibility of technology use within your organization through comprehensive discovery and inventory of your entire technology landscape, including end-user hardware, data center, cloud services and on-premises software.

Snow’s unique metering capabilities empowers stakeholders with insights into how cloud, software and hardware are being used within the organization, all within a single pane of glass.

Snow Adoption Tracker Highlights


View a single source of truth

With unique discovery, inventory and normalization capabilities, Adoption Tracker consolidates data from native and 3rd party sources into a single view, providing easy-to-consume insights into technology usage.


Monitor technology adaptation

Identify and monitor the adoption rates and usage of new technology to more accurately measure success of IT projects and policies.


Drive digital transformation

With clear visibility into the technology used across the entire IT estate, the IT team can lead the digital transformation as the trusted technology influencer and indispensable advisor to the business.

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