An Introduction to Xensam | 16th April 2020

Come and meet the Xensam team and the software asset management tool taking the market by storm.

Xensam are a disrupter in the legacy SAM tools space, displacing existing tools and gaining market share because of the following key features”

Purpose Built SaaS Solution: Highly Secure, Inclusively Backed-Up Hosting in choice of Global Data Centres

Active Usage: Doesn’t just monitor Open applications- analyses exact app Interaction duration for unprecedented cost optimization

A.I. Integration: Enables the most potent Software Recognition (330k+ Applications) and EULA-related compliance categorization

Powerful Datacentre: Unprecedented, automated datacentre compliance with little or no effort – synced with VCenter.

Comprehensive Cloud Metering: Measures 10k+ Cloud Apps via agent (No annoying browser plugin required). Including O365 & Adobe CC

Security Center: Outlines Malware, keygens & Password cracks, Blacklisted SW & End of Life dates, Bitlocker status etc.

Rich Hardware Info: Broad hardware data which includes Automatic Hardware Warranty Retrieval (Dell/HP/Lenovo)

All Inclusive: All Features, Hosting, Deployment/Technical Support, Connectors & Training included as standard. No Hidden Costs.

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