Harnessing the "Power of Unified IT"

While their headquarters are in the U.S., half of Ivanti’s employees live around the globe. For example, they employ hundreds of people alone amongst their Dublin, Daresbury and Bracknell offices.

With a workforce of over 1,700 people, some of the largest companies and most prestigious universities use Ivanti software solutions—including Oxford and Cambridge.

Enterprise IT departments use Ivanti to marry their ITSM, IT asset management, IT security, endpoint management, and supply chain capabilities. Ivanti’s mission is clear – to help their customers succeed through the “Power of Unified IT”.

Their Story

In January 2017, LANDesk and HEAT Software combined to form Ivanti.

Previously, LANDesk had acquired such companies as Wavelink, Shavlik, and AppSense. AppSense had a significant office in Daresbury, and now as part of the Ivanti family, continues to be a pillar in their UK presence.

Since Ivanti was formed, they’ve also brought RES – based in the Netherlands – on board. One of the greatest things about all these companies coming together is that they have a remarkably varied employee culture and loyal base of customers from different backgrounds who produce and use Ivanti products.

It’s a big, diverse, and thriving family.

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