Aspera SmartTrack adds Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure for public cloud licensing support

Aspera, the leading provider of solutions and services for SAM, today announced new capabilities for the public cloud in the recent release of their SmartTrack platform.

Published on 1st November 2018

SmartTrack ensures that software is properly licensed for the most essential IaaS and PaaS services, such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure compute and database. SmartTrack directly extracts and imports the device and software data, and recognizes the cloud providers’ licensing rules and limitations. The SAM platform uses these metrics to calculate exactly the cloud licenses that are needed as part of managing a company’s licensing infrastructure for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid.

  • Automatically ensures license compliance. SmartTrack knows what cloud services and virtual machines are being used, and makes sure they are properly licensed to help avoid costly fines and fees.
  • New connectors for AWS and Azure. SmartTrack now imports data for these public cloud services: Amazon AWS EC2, Amazon AWS RDS, Microsoft Azure Compute, and Microsoft Azure SQL.
  • New support for Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. SmartTrack calculates the licenses needed for cloud products such as Oracle Database, IBM PVU, Microsoft Windows Server, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Recognizes more cloud infrastructure. SmartTrack recognizes cloud devices such as machine and database instances for AWS and Azure.
  • Detects and analyzes “BYOL.” SmartTrack identifies which of the running software needs to be licensed (Bring Your Own Licenses), versus what comes with the customer’s virtual machine subscription.
  • Flags configurations that aren’t allowed. SmartTrack alerts if a configuration is not supported, as some vendors don’t allow their software to run in BYOL licensing mode in some public cloud environments.
  • Helps with migrating to cloud. The SmartTrack Simulation tool can analyze moving a company’s on-premises licenses to the cloud, to find the best way for BYOL instead of paying for new subscriptions.

“Our SAM platform makes the most of the flexibility of cloud. SmartTrack helps you to track and manage both cloud metrics and traditional software, and even dynamically decide whether to use your existing on-premises license or pay for a server subscription,” said Carlos Pereira, Cloud Specialist at Aspera. “We keep adding to its product database, the Master Catalog, in an ongoing process to recognize every cloud provider and product, both hardware and software.”



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