Webinar: Licensing – How To Play The Game and Win

Watch our webinar with top law firm Addleshaw Goddard as we navigate the top tips on the legal side of software licensing.

Published on 24th May 2021

Join EasySAM and Addleshaw Goddard as we discuss the top advice regarding negotiating software agreements, exiting software agreements as well as how to avoid making your company a target for an audit.

With EasySAM’s wealth of knowledge around software licensing and Addleshaw Goddard’s experience in assisting people through the legalities involved in the contractual side of things, this makes for a very strong alliance to have behind you.

So whether you have had a bad audit experience in the past, are absolutely dreading the prospect of one, or simply want to build your ‘house upon the rocks’ – this is the webinar for you.

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