Optimising Software Licensing Deployment for the Media Sector


Fremantle is a global television content and production media house, headquartered in London. A subsidiary of Bertelsmann’s RTL Group, Fremantle is one of the largest and most successful creators, producers and distributors of scripted and unscripted content in the world. They are behind shows such as Got Talent, My Brilliant Friend, Family Feud and Neighbours. Every year they create over 12,000 hours of media programming, roll out more than 70 formats and air 400 programmes a year worldwide.

With an excess of 50 affiliates across the globe, and over 10,000 hardware assets between them, Fremantle pride themselves in taking the management of software across their estate very seriously and report back to Bertelsmann regarding key compliance bi-annually.


When EasySAM started assisting Fremantle with SAM (Software Asset Management) in 2015 through value-added reseller Ultima Business Solutions, it was evident that Fremantle needed a SAM partner to not only analyse and report on existing data, but to be SAM tool ‘agnostic’.

There was a requirement for the SAM partner to work with an array of data sources globally and this would allow Fremantle to maximise its existing investments in discovery and systems management tools.

The SAM partner would be required to support and adapt to potential changes in toolsets driven at a group level. It was also important that their SAM services supplier was not a potential licence supplier, to avoid any conflict of interest.

Key Results

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