Who Are We?

EasySAM are an independent Software Asset Management (SAM) consultancy, an impartial advisory body without any agendas other than providing analysis and advice around the software you purchase and deploy. EasySAM helps organisations correct any potential overspend on software and make sure that any risks are proactively identified and addressed. Software is an asset that is easily overlooked, often not being re-harvested or used to its full capacity. As it makes up a large portion of any IT budget, this is an area where you can see quick returns if managed correctly.

EasySAM can tailor a package around varied needs - from ad-hoc consultancy and training, to baseline reports, to a full managed service. Whether this be for your full estate or just a review of your server or desktop environments, EasySAM support a vast array of vendors and are pleased to report that we are one of Microsoft’s Gold Certified SAM Partners. With a combined audit & compliance experience in excess of 40 years, our team has successfully delivered over 500 customer audits, currently manage software compliance for 68 customers and have provided measured cost savings exceeding £101m to our customers. We would ideally like to see you spending less time ‘number-crunching’ and more time making money saving decisions and doing strategic planning with the management data we provide.



But what is SAM?

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a business practice that involves managing and optimising the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilisation, and disposal of software applications within an organisation. According to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), SAM is defined as “…all of the infrastructure and processes necessary for the effective management, control and protection of the software assets…throughout all stages of their lifecycle.”

Fundamentally intended to be part of an organisation's information technology business strategy, the goals of SAM are to reduce information technology (IT) costs and to limit business and legal risk related to the ownership and use of software, whilst maximizing IT responsiveness and end-user productivity. SAM is particularly important for corporations in regard to the redistribution of licenses and managing legal risks associated with software ownership and expiration.

SAM Challenges

Some of the main Software Asset Management (SAM) challenges today are directly linked to resources. Even if time and effort has been put in to select the right tools for the job and a baseline has been achieved, SAM is an ongoing program that needs constant review and attention. Even the best SAM tools need to be ‘driven’ by someone with good software licensing knowledge. This knowledge will have to be maintained as software licensing is a dynamic industry with constant changes across the board.

Getting board level buy-in for SAM and this resource is therefore often difficult with SAM unfortunately having other, more urgent projects, scheduled in ahead of it. But the good news is that there is ROI (Return on Investment) with a SAM programme in place, ROI on financial commitments through reharvesting and contract scrutiny…but also ROI with regards to standardisation and the positive effects this has on training and end user support.

EasySAM are here to assist you with any of your SAM challenges, whether this be putting forward a business case, selecting the right toolsets for your organisation, helping train staff or even delivering services around your investments to grow your SAM maturity.


SAM by Vendor

EasySAM cover many different software vendors in their services portfolio, including all (but not limited to) the BSA vendors.

In this section we have zoned in on a few key software vendors to consider when looking into a SAM programme of your own. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are perfectly placed to help you identify your own key priorities, but in the interim, have a look below for some of the manufacturers that should already be on your mind when it comes to important targets. Click on each vendors' logo to discover why it's important to keep them in mind.

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SAM by Job Role

SAM ROI Calculator


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