Webinar: SAM MOT

We take a look at our new service and see how you can get a check-up of your software asset management.

Once a year you take the time to MOT your vehicles, those indispensible assets to you. So why not take the time to get a check up of other valuable assets, like software?

Our SAM MOT is designed to not only give you insight into your Software Asset Management (SAM) Processes & Procedures, but also into your SAM program and strategy as a whole and the data it is comprised of. This service includes a 365 Health Check (powered by TBSC) to help optimise your Microsoft 365 estate.

The result is a clear scoring against the ITIL Standard with an improvement plan on how to manage your software assets optimally and cost effectively moving forward.

Why a SAM MOT is so important?

Unlike the way it is often treated, Software Asset Management is not a one-time project. It is an important cog in the machine that is your organisation. You may be surprised to learn that software accounts for, on average, 34% of IT budgets.

A SAM MOT is the first step to maturing your SAM program. Mature SAM programs can see a reduction in helpdesk call length by up to 20% and save an average of £390 per PC in unused software.

You might also be part of the 80% of customers that buy a SAM tool and fail to see a return on investment on their purchase. A SAM MOT will help you recognise that value.


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