Software Asset Management Training Course

When is it?

The next course dates are 28th September to 1st October 2021.

What is it?

Managing your IT assets, and your software assets in particular, has never been more critical. It is estimated that 20% of IT budgets is now spent on software and staying on top of the ever-increasing software licensing schemes and methods is a major challenge for all organisations.

Our BCS Foundation Certificate in Software and Hardware Asset Management (SAHAM) training course is aimed at building your knowledge and competency in this rapidly growing professional sector.

By attending this course, you will acquire knowledge in the following areas:

  • The objectives and activities required to implement software and hardware asset management within an organisation
  • An understanding of current licensing methodologies including volume agreements, Cloud, hybrid, software as a service (SaaS) and bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Software and hardware asset management techniques and processes
  • Measuring current maturity of software and hardware asset management and identifying areas of improvement
  • Managing IT assets through the stages of their lifecycle
  • Preparing and distributing asset reports throughout the organisation
  • Making more efficient use of IT assets
  • Legal and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Developing effective SAM and hardware asset management (HAM) policies and processes.

The course fully prepares you to pass the 60 minute BCS invigilated examination, which takes place on the final afternoon. The exam consists of 40 multi-choice questions with the pass mark being set at 26 (65%).

Why should you attend?

Software asset management is critical to the success of any organisation.  If your organisation has a comprehensive and efficient licence management programme in place, it will reduce your costs and ensure that you remain compliant.

Attending this course will help ensure that your organisation is in full compliance with the legal agreements associated with the software you are using.

You will also be able to ensure that your organisation has the right processes and tools in place to monitor software usage, reallocate licenses as they become available and have the appropriate level of vendor support.

By enrolling on the SAHAM course, you will gain a practical understanding of and receive best practice advice on:

  • Software licensing, including volume licensing schemes and Cloud-based licensing
  • Effective SAM, including valuable tips and techniques to reduce software expenditure and manage compliance risk
  • Managing hardware and software assets from acquisition through to retirement
  • The key processes for effectively managing hardware and software
  • Implementing change to improve hardware and software asset use

By attending this course, you will also be fully prepared to take and pass the BCS multi-choice examination and gain a recognised qualification in SAM and HAM, which can be used internally and externally as a validation of your expertise and competence.