Software Asset Management delivers a large part of its Return on Investment (ROI) through optimisation, which is why EasySAM are pleased to include our Software License Optimisation service in every one of our offerings.

Whilst optimisation can be achieved across the entirety of an organisation's estate, we continually find that it plays a more significant role in virtualised environments. It is often the case that where an organisation’s IT infrastructure has evolved, the licensing hasn’t necessarily followed suit or kept up. Or, an alternative is that the licensing works quite well right now, but will become a very expensive option when planned changes in the future come to fruition. It is even common for simple desktop optimisation to appear a daunting exercise if the knowledge base around licensing simply isn’t a resource at hand.

EasySAM can help with everything from desktop to server to cloud license optimisation. We find clients are also often confused over whether maintenance/software assurance is actually required on a product and simply renew out of doubt; we can help with this too! EasySAM’s License Optimisation service can help you identify quick wins to save on your annual IT spend and reap the benefits available from your software licenses that you didn’t even know you had.


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