With an effective and mature SAM programme, so much relies on a pre-emptive/proactive approach to Software Asset Management. To get there, you not only have to have the right processes, procedures and people defined (and reviewed regularly); but you also need access to the software knowledge and experience to effectively scrutinise and optimise each time a contract renewal comes around.

That is why EasySAM have produced this add-on to our other SAMplicity offerings. This service is focussed on renewals protocols, using knowledge harvested about your software estate and usage to ensure you are not only renewing the right numbers, but equally as important, the right agreement type as well.

We include consultation time to be used in meetings with your manufacturers as standard to ensure that the desired contract(s) are renewed as close to your specific requirements as possible. All of this combined guarantees you are receiving the maximum amount of benefits and the returns you are looking for from your investment.


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