Software Asset Management (SAM) put simply is the reconciliation of what software is deployed vs. the license entitlement you own. This allows not only for better management (reducing risks) but also the optimization of your existing licensing. EasySAM are eager to work on the reconciliation with you, which will reduce risks and deliver cost savings. But we are equally as eager to be involved in the optimization process which will help you structure your desktop and server environments in a way that utilizes your existing license entitlement to its full potential without unnecessary spend.

Apart from the many other services EasySAM provide. We specialize in delivering effective license positions / SAM reviews for a no. of software manufacturers. The reviews can be done company wide or can even be focused to a specific department. We can also perform desktop or server-only reviews, all dependent on your requirements, timeframe and budget. Please see below some examples of our more popular software audits: