An innovative SAM solution for both cloud and on-premise delivery.


Our philosophy

The philosophy of Xupervisor is simplicity without reducing functionality. Our SAM-tool is the most out-of-the-box ready tool on the market. It also has support for license forms that the majority of its more customization-heavy competitors do not.

Software Recognition Guarantee

Thanks to our state of the art Xource service, Xensam recognizes commercial software out-of- the-box through a software database with more than 45,000 software publishers and over 300,000 applications. Xensam is the only SAM-vendor with a 100% manually approved software recognition database. Not a single software metric is added without A.I. assisted human intervention. Our extensive Xensam development team controls and filters terabytes of data on a daily basis.

Premade Reports From Day One

Xupervisor report functionality is market leading, both when it comes to ready-made reports as well as customization. Without any extra configuration, Xupervisor offers complex reports out-of- the-box, such as basic and advance compliance reports, potential security risk and cost savings. On top of that, it is possible to design your own reports from scratch, directly together with our development team. We offer this service without any additional costs, since we strongly believe in creating maximum value for our customers.

Revolutionary Automatic Detection of Actual Software Usage

Most SAM-tools offer a good metering functionality for the software throughout the organization. Xupervisor takes that one step further. Thanks to our state of the art Xearch agent, Xupervisor can not only show total usage of a software, it can also show actual active usage.

Advance License Forms

Regardless of its simplicity, Xupervisor tracks and manages most of the markets most advance license forms, such as Microsoft Core Based Server licensing and IBM PVU. It differentiates Physical and Virtual Servers, show the hosting relationship between them and make datacenter connectivity easy without any third part integration. It shows the PVU value for each machine, if it's eligible for SUB-capacity licensing and if the software that is uses are eligible too. Everything without the need of a special integration to ILMT. And yet, this is just a small example of Xupervisors full potential.

An Example of the Benefit of Actual Software Usage

Each morning Joe arrives at 9:00 at his office. The first thing he does is opening up Adobe Acrobat XI Professional. He likes to have it open in case he needs to read a pdf file during the day. When he goes home in the afternoon he shut the computer off to let it rest. A normal SAM-tool will track this kind of usage as if Adobe Acrobat XI Professional has been used for 8 hours every day. But not Xupervisor.

On the Usage part it will show 8 hours, but on the Actual Usage part it will show the time that Joe is actually spending with the software, which in this case will be a couple of minute every day, or nothing at all. This revolutionary tracking system will provide automatic alerts and reports for software with a big difference between usage and actual usage, making it much easier for the License Administrator to minimize the Software Budget Cost by simply re-harvesting unused software licenses.

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