Software recognition database for software asset and license management

Software identification

The first step of Software Asset Management is to find out what software is installed across the organization. The second step is to understand it. The main problem is that a pure inventory tool lacks the advanced intelligence that is required to create an overview of the software estate. Xource is Xensam’s market leading Software Identification Service, which intelligently filters out system files and patches from the millions of rows of received data, and displays only the information that needs to be seen to define the application.

License Simplification

Our built in SKU repository currently indexes over 5 million relations. All of these SKUs are populated with advanced license intelligence, which massively simplifies the cumbersome and complex task of importing licenses and agreements. The SKU repository feature is a part of Xource and therefore, updated on a daily basis, and synchronized in real-time to all our customers.

Inventory and OS Agnostic

Together with Xearch‘s state of the art ability to extract software meta data, Xource not only recognizes software from oceans of raw data, it also populates it with vital attributes.


Meet Mr Xam - our own A.I.

Most SAM solutions rely on static libraries, such as information pulled directly from the registry. More advanced SAM solutions take it one step further and have a small team going through the millions of rows of combined data that their customers create. At Xensam, we realize that both of these techniques are highly ineffective.

Static Libraries can’t rationalize information reliably and a team of humans can never comprehensively cover, nor guarantee 100% recognition, of the petabytes of data that they have to work with. Therefore we have developed one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence programs on the market: Mr Xam.

Out of the millions of rows of raw data that is created from any SAM-tool’s customers, Mr Xam will index, organize and then send the application information to our Xource team for deep analysis. This ensures that only actual applications will be processed. Consequently, our Xource team is able to easily maintain the workload that our competitors’ Software Identification teams cannot effectively manage.

Uniquely, the daily lightweight updates sent by Xource in real-time, ensures that our customers receive the latest application definitions, which cannot be matched by any of our competitors.

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