Software recognition agent for software inventory and license management

Complete software and hardware scanner

Xearch is to date the most advance SAM inventory agent on the market. It beats all competitors in core areas such as system impact, security and usage metering. It’s an ideal way to obtain computer and user information over advanced and secure networks where organizations need to discover personal computers, servers and virtual machines. It also identifies all software installed in the organization and tracks the usage of costly business applications in terms of generic application access or detailed active usage metrics.


Xearch's vendor specific abilities

All of today’s SAM solutions rely heavily on integration with third party inventory sources to pull out necessary information about specific license forms. This nurtures an infrastructure that gets heavily weight down by multiple different agents and infrastructure tools, such as ILMT. At Xensam, we want to change that.

Our state of the art inventory agent, Xearch, is built to inventory, process and deliver all the information necessary to handle most of today’s advance license forms. Our powerful agent is designed to undertake multiple workloads and not depend on any other inventory source – yet it is remarkably lightweight to minimize the impact on network performance, whilst not compromising on its high levels of security.

This is why Xearch have out-of-the-box advanced functionality to extract information about, among others, a server's PVU, SQL Server and Oracle DB editions. This is something that many other SAM-vendors require expensive connectors to solve, or can't solve at all.

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