A Smarter way of Managing Your MS Office 365

Optimisation is the key to effective SaaS deployments. With Smarter 365 analysis, automated capabilities and project consulting ensure subscription management which delivers optimal ROI on your investment. Smarter 365 is the only cloud-based Software Asset Management solution that optimises Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. Smarter 365 automatically recommends how to reduce IT costs whilst finding the best Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions for every user. Likewise, the installation process is quick, and the dashboard is easy to use and understand. For more information please view the tabs below.

200,000 subscriptions were recently surveyed by TBSC. Research analysis revealed that 100% of these Microsoft Office 365 users say they want to manage their cost of subscriptions.

In choosing a method to measure usage efficiency you need to be able to identify each user and when and what elements of Microsoft Office 365 they are using. This gives you the granularity to be able to make specific decisions about improving the services and costs. In addition, your reporting should identify the potential cost savings and enable you to rank them so that you focus on the most important first. Generally, 20% of the causes will deliver 80% of the savings.

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