Start Taming Your Technology With Snow

Prepare for software license audits and gain control of technology spend

Using Spend Auditor, IT leaders are prepared for software license audits while gaining control and visibility into their technology spend. By entering cost data and software agreements into Spend Auditor, IT and finance leaders can view technology expenses and contracts across the entire organization. Users can view technology spend by department, region or business unit, enabling IT and finance leaders to accurately allocate costs and enable chargebacks to the appropriate organizational budget.

With these insights, users can make informed business decisions on consolidating and rationalizing under-utilized hardware, software and devices. They will also be able to compare software licenses used with the relevant entitlements, determining their effective license position to help prepare for audits and to manage costs more effectively.

Snow Spend Auditor Highlights


Drive complete cost visibility

By providing a holistic view of technology costs, Spend Auditor enables IT and finance leaders to make informed business decisions across the entire IT estate.


Ensure license compliance

Spend Auditor creates compliance summary reports, to compare software licenses used with the relevant entitlements and costs, so IT and finance leaders get a clear view of over- or under-spending on license costs.


Drive digital transformation

By mapping technology usage and spend to specific vendors, Spend Auditor enables the IT and procurement teams to more effectively manage vendor spend and plan for future contract renewals.

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