Start Taming Your Technology With Snow

With Snow for SaaS, the invisible becomes visible, so you can optimize SaaS investment across the enterprise.

Forget talk of cloud challenges. Snow for SaaS consigns them to history. Unused accounts, duplicate users, unnecessary premium subscriptions – gone. In fact, Snow for SaaS will even find SaaS services you didn’t know you had, no matter who set them up. It gives you a holistic view across your hybrid infrastructure.

Snow’s discovery, inventory and consumption tracking provides detailed insight into SaaS application usage and spend, alongside on-premises technologies. IT and financial leaders have reliable data at their fingertips providing the insight they need for budgeting, forecasting and cost allocation. This empowers them to protect against overspend and gives them a new level of influence over the organisation's technology investments, helping them deliver innovation and meet Digital Transformation goals.

This visibility also helps tackle the estimated 30% of wasted SaaS spend. At the same time, Snow’s governance controls stop SaaS sprawl happening again with self-service access request, automated approval and provisioning, license harvesting and reassignment, and subscription-level management.

Snow for SaaS highlights


Automated discovery

Automate discovery of 1000s of SaaS applications, regardless of which department procured the subscription.


Manage hybrid applications

Effectively manage complex, hybrid applications such as Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud with insights to optimize utilization and subscription levels.


Optimize costs

Right-size SaaS contracts by buying and renewing only the subscriptions you need.

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