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Office 365

Snow for Office 365 provides granular, centralized, usage-focused visibility of all Office 365 usage and spend, enabling effective application management and cost control.

Snow for Office 365 empowers organizations to take full advantage of the promise and potential of Microsoft Office 365. As the most used SaaS application in the world, Office 365 delivers lower maintenance and hardware costs and users benefit from always-on access to email and files. However, the very ease of use that drives adoption of SaaS applications such as Office 365 also drives enterprises to waste up to 30% of their cloud spend in the form of over-provisioning of user accounts, excessive account entitlement and duplication of on-premises licenses.

Snow for Office 365 solves these challenges by delivering an integrated view of Microsoft Office users, usage and cost across device-based, Office 365 and mobile deployments. Automated, approval-driven workflows provision new users, harvest and reassign licenses and adjust subscriptions based on individual usage.

Snow for Office 365 provides significant savings in subscription, maintenance and administration costs. Its dashboards deliver accurate reporting of current deployments, enabling organizations to understand the full impact of what subscriptions are needed.



Snow for Office 365 with Snow Inventory consolidates visibility of all device-based licenses, cloud subscriptions and mobile applications across all employees. It employs automated discovery to provide decision makers with granular, centralized, application-usage level detail of all employees, across all departments and locations. When employee growth, especially through acquisitions and mergers impacts manual reporting accuracy, automated and complete inventory provides data critical to the successful establishment of an accurate license position and spend.


Snow for Office 365 automatically identifies unused licensing and subscriptions, providing the ability to easily harvest and redeploy licenses. With immediate insight into the total investment and overspend for applications, Office 365 services, device-based licenses or entire subscriptions; decision makers can take immediate action to reduce costs.


With continuous visibility and monitoring of what applications are actually being used by employees, organizations can identify overspend for either a single application or a whole product family. Software Asset Managers as well as business unit IT owners can see the potential license optimization opportunities or overspend and allocate existing subscriptions to those that need them, as well as optimize their spend at renewal.


Policies within an organization can be automated to manage software subscriptions and deliver continuous license harvesting. Snow for Office 365 support advanced provisioning routines such as a 90-day policy which automatically removes subscriptions or applications from users if unused for three months – freeing up the license for another user. Notification steps can be included to enhance flexibility, providing users with an opportunity to restart the application or extend the subscription.


Snow for Office 365 reduces administrative effort and expense with approval driven workflows that support processes such as self-service access request, provisioning, and deprovisioning. It employs advanced application management processes such as time-based provisioning for expensive applications such as Visio 365, Project 365, and PowerBI Pro. Users are also more likely to contribute to optimizing the use of organizational resources if they are aware of their service consumption and possess the tools to control it.


Migration to Office 365 can create a multi-year financial commitment. It is critical to select the right subscription level for each user at the time of migration. This can only be done with component-level, usage-focused visibility across all users in the environment, to know whether an application is truly needed. With the Snow for Office 365’s integrated view, a consolidated and granular dashboard with built in reports enables decision makers to select the right subscription at migration and at renewal.

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