Start Taming Your Technology With Snow

Increase productivity by automating software and support processes.

IT leaders are often tasked with doing more with less, pressured to meet departmental goals and service level agreements all while maintaining tight control on resources and costs. Processes such as software request and approval, account provisioning, and managing end user devices can be manual and time-intensive, diverting key resources from higher value-added activities.

Productivity Optimizer helps organizations save costs by automating manual processes, including software request and approval and user provisioning. Common resource related issues, such as unmanaged access to cloud services, overuse of software licenses, and virtualization sprawl are prevented from occurring in the first place. By ensuring that requests for resources follow the policies set by the organization, Productivity Optimizer provides control over the way hardware, software and cloud resources are consumed – a vital ingredient of optimization. Snow provides complete lifecycle management of software and services from request to retirement.

Snow Productivity Optimizer Highlights


Automate key processes

Do more with less through automation of software access request and employee on-boarding.


Improve productivity

Provision software access and get employees up and running in hours vs. days or weeks.


Reduce costs

Reduce help desk and support burden by automating manual, time-intensive tasks.

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