Start Taming Your Technology With Snow

Tame your Oracle estate, optimize your Oracle investments and reduce unnecessary spend

Oracle licensing is renowned for its complexity. Every variation in configuration can significantly affect license exposure. To take control of your Oracle databases and Middleware products you need to have full visibility of your Oracle estate. Snow Oracle Management Option allows entitlements to be imported and matched to deployment; it shows which Database Options have been installed and used and whether Management Packs have been enabled and agreed. It gives insight into the virtualization technologies in use and applies the correct license policies for your soft and hard partitioned environments. With its built-in intelligence to display the core factors of hardware on which Oracle databases are installed, it can calculate and recommend the correct number of Processor and Named User Plus licenses required. Best of all, Oracle Server Worksheets are created dynamically. Snow Oracle Management Option removes the guesswork, saves time, cuts compliance risks and reduces unnecessary spend.

Three highlights of Snow Oracle Management Option


Virtualization visibility

Understand datapoints for hard and soft partitioning and automatically apply correct Oracle policies to calculate an accurate license requirement.


Import entitlements

Gain visibility of use rights, renewals and license position by importing entitlements directly with minimal manual effort.


License position visibility

Match entitlements to license requirements for accurate license positions of Oracle database and Middleware products.

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