Snow License Manager is designed to reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with software assets and licensing.  Thousands of organizations around the world rely on Snow License Manager to help them avoid overspending on software entitlements while ensuring that they are fully compliant with licensing rules.

Snow License Manager is the hub of Snow’s advanced Software Asset Management (SAM) platform – providing a unified view of all the software and hardware assets, license entitlements and application usage metrics.

Multiple stakeholders from across the organization can access tailored views that enable them to instantly:
- Create Effective License Positions (ELPs) for all software vendors, including Microsoft, IBM, Adobe and more
- Track software license expenditure
- Monitor usage of deployed assets
- Identify opportunities to reduce licensing & support costs

Key Benefits:

Unified view of multi-platform, multi-site networks

Snow License Manager provides a consolidated view on all assets across the network, enabling staff to use just one interface to manage multiple software vendors, device types and locations. Audit data can be imported from more than one inventory source to cover the full range of enterprise computing platforms (Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OSX, iOS,  Linux, Unix, Android).

Datacenter Optimisation

Snow License Manager simplifies the management of complex datacenter licensing by automatically calculating the compliance position for all software including processor and processor core licensed software on both virtual and physical resources. Core factors for Microsoft and Oracle are automatically applied as well as minimum license assignment rules mitigating the risks of over- and underlicensing.

Financial Management

Full insight of what is driving software cost within the organization as well as financial risk in terms of non-compliance and non-optimized assets. Snow License Manager’s trending functionality of existing trends and usage patterns gives organizations powerful support to forecast future costs or renegotiate existing contracts.

Built-in automation

From the automatic import of audit data from multiple inventory tools to the dynamic processing of the organization’s Effective Licensing Position (ELP), Snow License Manager provides the highest levels of automation removing time-consuming manual effort with a built-in SKU repository. This has advanced license intelligence which simplifies data on import and registration of new and existing licenses.

Software Recognition Guarantee

Thanks to its unique Software Recognition Service, Snow Software recognizes commercial software discovered on the network with more than 72,000 software publishers and over 446,000 applications recognized out-of-the-box. 

All Key Licensing Types Supported

From Microsoft and Symantec per-desktop licensing to advanced IBM PVU, Oracle and SAP metrics, Snow License Manager supports the full range of licensing types, data collection and reporting requirements.  

Roles-based Multi-user Interface

Snow License Manager is designed to give tailored access to SAM stakeholders from IT, Procurement, Finance and Governance departments. Users can easily generate meaningful management reports relevant to their role. 

Automatic Detection of Unused Software Assets

All unused software installations are automatically identified, providing the ability to easily uninstall and re-harvest licenses via Snow Automation Platform. With immediate insight into the total investment, compliance risk and overspend for either a single application or a whole product family, SAM managers can see the potential license optimization opportunities or overspend and take action to reduce costs.

Delivery models

Snow License Manager is available as an on-premise solution (both perpetual and subscription licensing models are available) or can be delivered by EasySAM as a hosted SAM service.

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