Take Control of Your SAP Licence Management

Only Pay for What You Use

Stop overpaying for SAP licences. Start managing your licences based on actual usage.

Be Direct About Indirect Access

Get visibility and control costs.

Cruise Through Your Next Audit

Get the top 8 tips to help you cruise through your next SAP Licencing Audit.


SAP Licencing Optimization

Understand your SAP usage, optimise your SAP licencing costs and be ready for that next SAP audit

The SAP licencing model is complex and you may not be aware of indirect access users consuming SAP data by viewing reports in other applications. You might also be overpaying for misclassified professional user licences that you don’t really need. Ivanti Optimizer for SAP provides you with the insight and intelligence to ensure you are correctly licenced based on actual usage, empowered to reduce liabilities from indirect access or misclassified users, and armed for your next contract negotiation and upcoming SAP licence audit.

Optimise your SAP investment and take control of your SAP user licence management

Counting active and inactive users, and relying on manual methods for classifying users and assigning SAP licence types, does not cut it anymore and takes significant organisational resources. Ivanti Optimizer for SAP provides you with efficient control over your SAP user licences and automates the licence management process while combining user inspection and user behaviour-analysis methods, saving you time and resources.

Get visibility

Know who is using SAP, identify indirect access users, and eliminate inactive and duplicate accounts.

Only pay for what you use

Explore 5 simple ways to reduce your SAP Licence Spending.

Ace Your Next SAP Compliance Audit

Be ready for your next SAP audit. Explore these 8 tips and ace your next audit.

Usage Based Optimization

Reclassification of licences based on actual user behaviour and not based on hypothetical methods or authorization.

Inactive & Duplicate Users

Identification of inactive and duplicate users for instant savings and reharvesting of licences.

Smart Allocation

Automatic user-matching across systems and applications to avoid duplicate licence counts.

Indirect Access

Identification of suspicious user accounts and notifications of potential indirect access.

Real-time Visibility

Real-time graphical and statistical presentation of SAP licence utilisation.

Audit Ready Reporting

Detailed audit reports for each user with current and optimised licence classification.

Automated Analysis

Automatic analysis based on usage compared to licencing agreement to ensure compliance.

Quick Implementation

Fast, easy, and non-intrusive installation, external to the SAP systems with no changes needed.

A clear view of your current licence situation within minutes of implementation

Get the insights you need to start licencing based on your actual utilisation of the SAP system and reap immediate benefits from identifying inactive and duplicate users and tackling indirect access.


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