Comprehensive IT asset discovery and analytics, no agents required.

What you can expect

Their discovery platform can be optimised for even the largest and most complex networks ensuring a complete and accurate inventory of all IT assets regardless of device type, location or operating system.

Once deployed, your asset inventory is encrypted and securely transferred to a regionally located tier-4 datacenter where it is cleansed, categorised, matched and analysed for advanced reporting; including installed software categorisation, license assignment, hardware warranty matching, end-of-support/end-of-life status and cross-referenced with all known security vulnerabilities.

  • Agentless discovery technology
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Full hardware and software inventory
  • Capacity and utilisation metering
  • Full public cloud connectivity
  • API based integrations

Features built for modern IT asset management professionals


Deploy in Minutes

Any transformative IT project needs to start with a solid understanding of your current state. The configuration wizard will guide you through installation and provide flexible options to help optimise the data collection process. Once set up, incremental discovery will continuously run ensuring a timely and thorough asset inventory without manual intervention.

Comprehensive Asset Discovery

Block 64's three-step discovery method identifies assets as they connect to the network, then identifies the asset type and operating system before accessing, inventorying and monitoring the device whether it be physical, virtual, on-premise or in the cloud. Your asset inventory will always be current with a user specified re-inventory schedule that updates incrementally and continuously. Through integration with Active Directory, you will always have real-time visibility into the completeness of your inventory and more importantly, what assets may be missing.


Usage Reporting and Software Metering

You bought it – you installed it – but are they using it? Make sure by adding the dimension of ‘utilisation’ to your software reporting data, and avoid wasting any more money on unnecessary software purchases.

The Latest Licensing Intelligence

Licensing terms change fast and falling behind can have real-world financial implications. Block 64's team of analysts continuously monitor changes to licensing models and product use rights to help users easily assess the impact on their organisation. Concerned about recent news from Microsoft, Oracle (Java), Micro Focus, Quest or HPE? They've got you covered.


Advanced SAM Dashboards

You want to know more than just what titles you have installed – you want to know if you’re compliant. Automated gap analysis doesn’t get easier than this. Simply key your contracts and entitlement information and let the system do the rest, for the duration of the license agreement. Gain the confidence you need for critical license verification and audit defense activities.

Simple and Intelligent Licensing Tools

Software licensing isn’t getting easier, and the rate of change is increasing. Diverse licensing metrics and arcane terms and conditions can make it hard to simply know if you’re ok – or in trouble. In cases where more than simple maths is required, the license mapping tools will automatically assign licenses to maximise your licensing investment, while allowing for manual override when necessary, and alerting the user of incorrect license assignments.


Resource Consumption and Performance Data

Leveraging over 60 different counters and datapoints, the platform can visualise the current utilisation rates of both virtual and physical assets – across all major platforms. Their data can assist in optimising your current environment, planning for a cloud migration, or even finetuning an application for performance.

Cloud Migration Scenario Builder

Quickly model your current workloads in cloud solutions such as Azure and AWS. The Block 64 solution combines real-time pricing & sizing data and utilisation readings gathered from your unique environment to model out the true cost of cloud adoption.


Hardware Lifecycle Tracking

Understanding the coverage and lifecycle status of a diverse, multi-vendor IT estate can be a time-consuming task. For most major manufacturers, it is possible to automatically pull in any maintenance, care packs or warranties tied to your fleet, with no manual intervention required.

Flexible Asset Metadata System

Not everything that can be scanned matters, and not everything that matters can be scanned. The asset metadata system allows you to affix key asset data such as financial, procurement, contractual, and location data to your asset repository – allowing you to have the key data needed for IT decision-making on hand and all in one place.


Vulnerability and Threat Reporting

Monitor current threats and uncover exposure points for proactive remediation. Block 64's vulnerability repository will highlight any unpatched titles or configurations in your mixed environment. Stay on top of end-of-support and end-of-life software and hardware in your environment and remove legacy technology before it presents a risk to your organisation.

API Integration

Can you integrate with x? Can y integrate with you? If you have a tool you want to push data to, or a tool you want to pull data from, their system makes it easy to set up scheduled data transfers in an open and well-documented API environment.


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