Microsoft SAM Reviews




Companies wanting to get an official stamp of compliance from Microsoft, can see if they qualify for a Microsoft funded SAM Baseline Review. This process is identical to the reviews EasySAM produce on a daily basis for our clientele. They involve the reconciliation of your license entitlement against your software installs. Data is harvested from any discovery tools and the likes of VMWare/Hyper-V and Active Directory to assist in this analysis and to make sure the data is as accurate as possible. The results will enable you to see where software purchases are required and where over-licensing exists (allowing you to reharvest this software for future use). EasySAM are a Microsoft Gold Partner and therefore are in a position to assist you in these investigations and to complete the engagement with you once it has been approved. There are many other types of SAM engagements on offer at the moment that EasySAM can also assist with, please see below:

SAM Deployment Planning
Mobile Device Management
Non-Production Environments
SQL Workloads

More information on these specific engagements can be found at Microsoft’s SAM Services page. Please feel free to get in contact should you have any questions

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