Data Capturing / Data Inventory is the first step to a good Software Asset Management (SAM) program. After all, knowing what is deployed within your estate paves the way for license agreements and models that will suit you best. It will also highlight to you areas of risk that you should be addressing when drawing up your SAM processes and procedures further down the line. Ultimately, knowledge is power. And the ability to capture quality data across all your environments is the corner stone of successful Software Asset Management.

EasySAM do not have their own tool to promote, so when we assist in tool investigations for a company our recommendations and tool considerations are totally unbiased. You can rely on us to evaluate your needs correctly and translate them into suggestions around a toolset that will best suit your organization and environment structure as well as your budget. Likewise, if you have an existing investment into a SAM / discovery tool, we can work with the existing data without wasting the time and money needed for deploying a second agent.

EasySAM’s services are easily customized around your needs, however, please find below an idea of the services available in this area:

Tool Consultation – A custom no. of hours/days allowing us to analyze your existing environments and licensing models. Resulting in a listing of necessary criteria and parameters of the tool required, as well as tool suggestions and pricing.

Data Analysis – This can be done on its own or as a full SAM review, the choice is yours. EasySAM can run extracts from existing discovery tools, Active Directory, VMWare etc. The ability to review as many data sources as possible ensures quality of the final figures provided. The end result being a report / analysis of your installed licensable software, the areas of identified risk and the potential areas where cost saving can be delivered without performing a full review

Training – EasySAM has experience and accreditation with a no. of discovery/SAM tool vendors. If managing your software assets is something that will be done in-house, we can supplement any fundamental training already provided with a agenda customized around your requirements from the tool.